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Host 1 Free - 10 Gb

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Disk Space: 10 Gb
Bandwidth : 150 Gb
Parked Domains: 5
Domain Pointers: 5
Sub Domains: 5

MySQL Database: 2
FTP Accesss (accounts): 1
IMAP Support
99.9% Network Uptime

Looking for a free cloud web hosting? Why not optfor one that supports the latest technologies including the cloudcomputing technologies? This way you can ensure that you fulfill allthe technical needs of your website directly from the server.All you need to do is just log in to the data center, customize the software and use it directly. While no free web hosting service provider thinks about such a user friendly and attractive solution, Host1Free.com provides you an ultimate opportunity.
Host1Free.com as a free hostingsite use cloud computing to offer its clients the advantages of usingthe significant infrastructure available without directly administeringit to the client. This process also allows access to the innumerablenumber of data centers located across the world. Host1Free.com alsogives its client the flexibility to add additional services from thecloud computing vendor whenever the need be.
It is indeed atedious job to find the ideal free hosting that fits your need anddoesn’t present you with a hidden bill. Or scare away your potentialcustomers with their crowding ads. When you opt for Host1Free.com freeweb hosting plans, you ensure your website enjoys the maximum uptimewith data security and technical support. You get 99.9% uptime with 7day data back up plan, PHP and MySql support, webmail and POP3 support.
Host1Free.comis a leading web hosting site which provides the power of cloudcomputing technologies to its customers. Make a smart decision and letHost1Free.com take care of your website!

Isn’t it such a relief to find a free web hosting who can leave yourwebsite free from all the annoying pop-ups and pop-unders? But at thesame time, can you ever compromise with 99.9% uptime, PHP and MySQLdatabases, FTP access, fast servers and PHP extensions? Much to yoursurprise, you can find very few sites which have no mention of banners,textlinks, advertisements on the hosted pages because that is the pricethey have to pay for getting the free web hosting.
Sohow is it that the free web host makes money for itself if it does notadvertise in the websites? There are many ways of doing it whichincludes the very important concept of forum posting. They have analternative method of uploading files through a web hosting controlpanel or an online file manager. Even in this type of free hosting,there is a limit to the time till which there will be no advertising onthe sites.
If you go in for a non-banner supporting free webhosting, then there may come a time when things will start slowing downafter an initial high. You may need free space but may lack thefinances to get it. In such cases, buying a domain name can be veryhelpful. They will give you a host of free options along with some freeweb space. But be very careful before you take the step and always bewell informed about your strategies.
Host1Free.com is the leading and most reliable web hosting provider and has been providing hosting services with no advertising and without any hidden costs.

Q. How long Host1Free.com web hosting will be for free?
A. The free hosting plans from Host1Free go on as long as you want. Youcan always switch plans when you find that you need more technicallyadvanced features or more space than is freely available. There are nohidden charges or specific time period for these free hosting offers.Unlike other free web hosts who provide free hosting plans only for 90days or a year at maximum, Host1Free allows you to run your website forfree. You get a complexly ad free web hosting plan that works for you.Host1Free.com free web hosting service will be free FOREVER!

Q. What is the uptime of Host1free.com?
A. Host1Free web hosting includes hosting your websites on securedservers. With servers located in Frankfurt major data center andpowered with cloud computing technologies you are assured of nodowntime (99.9% uptime) and your site is visibly on the web without anyissues. Your data is secured and your website enjoys all the bestfeatures that a free hosting plan can possibly have.

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