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Free-Web-Space - Hosting free 300 Mb

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(Click above to go to this free web site hosting service.)
Interests:Personal, Business.
Free Web Space:300 MB.
Forced Ads:Banner.
Your Ads:Allowed.
Upload:FTP, Browser.
Pre-Scripts:Script collection.
Your URL:Top-level domain name, or Subdomain.
Other Features:
  • Bandwidth limit 10,000 MB/month.
  • MySQL databases.
  • Web-based email.
  • Add-on domains.
  • Instant free webspace activation.
  • Webpage statistics.
  • PHP5 Script/applications installers.
  • Password-protected directories and files.
  • PHP5.
  • 30-days Inactivity limit.
  • Multiple accounts allowed.
  • VistaPanel (Vista Panel) control panel.
  • PhpMyAdmin.
  • Php flags manager.
  • Maximum file size restricted to 2 MB by PHP, and 4 MB by net2ftp.
  • Hosted on fully managed clustered servers.
  • Cobranded by MyOwnFreeHost / ByetHost.
Date Added:June 23, 2009.
Last Modified:July 2, 2010.
Features Rating:54   (out of possible 0 to 125 points)
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