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Phần mềm diệt Virut mới G Data AntiVirus 2014

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Đăng lúc 5-7-2013 22:04:40 | Xem tất |Chế độ đọc
G Data AntiVirus 2014

AntiVirus, AntiSpam, BankGuard, AutostartManager, Gaming

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G Data AntiVirus 2014 là phần mềm diệt Virut đứng nhất nhì trên thế giới, anh chị em tải về dùng thử nhé, free 30 ngày.

Free trial versions

Put our record award-winning software to the test with our no-obligation, 30-day trial offer. Download a fully-functional test version of your preferred G Data security solution for free. Familiarise yourself with all its features and functions and be amazed by the capabilities of the G Data security suite.

You can easily convert your test version into a full version online at any time during the 30-day period - inclusive of virus signature licence and software update downloads valid for 12 months. You do not need to uninstall your test version!

Nguồn: https://www.gdatasoftware.com/free-trial.html

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