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A1-1 The Authority of The BibleA2-7 Healing and the Great Commission
A1-2 The Deity & Mission of Jesus A2-8 The Healing Power of God
A1-3 Salvation, Heaven, Hell and Christ's Return A2-9 Speaking Words of Healing
A1-4 The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit A2-10 Impartation Through Lay8ing on of Hands
A1-5 Divine Healing A3-1 Introduction to the New Testament
A1-6 Church Ordinances A3-2 Matthews, Mark, Luke - Three Portraits of Jesus
A2-1 The Holy Spirit A3-4 Acts-The Expansion of the Gospel
A2-2 The Gift of the Holy Spirit A3-5 Romans - The Gospel of Peace
A2-3 The Vocal Gifts A3-6 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians-Living the Gospel of Grace
A2-4 The Revelation Gifts A3-7 Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians & Philemon - Letters from Prison
A2-5 The Power Gift A3-8 1 & 2 Thessalonians - The Lords' Return; 1 & 2 Timothy
A2-6 The Gifts of Healing A3-9 Hebrews-Jude-General Letters to Believers

B1-1 Its Threefold PotentialB3-7 Joshua, Judges & Ruth
B1-2 What Prayer IsB3-8 The Kings, David, Psalms & Hebrew Poetry
B1-3 The Practice of Prayer Part I B3-9 Wisdom Literature, Division & Exile
B1-4 The Practice of Prayer Part II B3-10 Babylonian Captivity, Return from Exile & the Prophets
B1-5 The Purpose of Prayer B4-1 The Divine Exchange Part I
B2-1 The Journey of a Servant B4-2 TheDivine Exchange Part II
B2-2 God Uses Both Stars and CandlesB4-3 The Triumph of Praise
B2-3 Fear Not Leadership, Organization & Structure Part IB4-4 What Activates Angels
B2-4 Fear Not Leadership, Organization & Structure Part II B4-5 How to Make Your Faith Work
B2-5 Becoming a Servant of FireB5-1 God's Will & Healing
B3-1 Approaching the Old Testament B5-2 Healing in the Atonement
B3-2 The Order of Books and Creation B5-3 Full Salvation
B3-3 The Image of God and the FallB5-4 Moses, the Serpent and Healing
B3-4 Babel and Abraham-The Concepts of Covenant B5-5 The Mercy of Healing
B3-5 Abraham, Israel, Joseph and Moses B6-1 Living by Faith Part I
B3-6 The Tabernacle Worship B6-2 Living by Faith Part II

C1-1 UNLOCKING THE ABRAHAM PROMISE -Mobilize to MultiplyC6-3 Focusing Your Vision
C2-1 Model for Ministry Training C6-4 God's Vision & Your Vision
C2-2 The Goal and Objective of Educational MinistryC6-5 Funding the Vision
C2-3 Planning Your Institute C7-1 An Overview of Church Planting
C3-1 Purposes of Cell Groups C7-2 The Local Church as a Ministry Training Center
C3-2 Evangelizing the Lost C7-3 Vocational Ministers in the Local Church
C3-3 Raising Up Leaders C7-4 Identifying Church-Planting Teams
C3-4 The Principles of Multiplication C7-5 Preparing & Sending the Church-Planting Team
C3-5 Great Leaders in the Church C8-1 Spirit Directed & Spirit Power
C4-1 Fire Brand Evangelists C8-2 How God Leads Us Through Our Spirits
C4-3 Integrity C8-3 Direction in Difficult Times
C4-4 The Great Commission C8-4 Priorities of Life
C4-5 Fire of the Holy Spirit C8-5 Pitfalls & Dangers When Seeking for Guidance
C5-1 Integrity of Heart C9-1 Promise Keepers
C5-2 A Forgiving Spirit C10-1 How to Give an Altar Call
C6-1 Embracing the Vision C4-2 The Power of the Holy Spirit
C6-2 Quality of a Visionary

D1-1 Mindset, Vision and ResponsibilitesD4-3 Fear-The Strategy of the Enemy
D1-2 Responsibilities and Trials D4-4 Living a Reconciled Life
D1-3 Grumbling and Impatience D5-1 Hell's Best Kept Secret
D1-4 Impatience and the Victim MentalityD5-2 Atheism
D1-5 TheVictim Mentality and Self-Pity D5-3 Militant Evangelism
D1-6 Self-worth D5-4 True & False Conversion
D1-7 Comparison, Stubbornness and Rebellion D5-5 How to Get on Fire for God
D2-1 The Heart of a LeaderD6-1 The Biblical Foundation
D2-2 Your Heart Determines the Course of Your Life D6-2 Understanding Spiritual Warfare
D2-3 Your Heart Determines Your Success in Life D6-3 Warfare Prayer and the Gates of Hell
D2-4 Leaders or Followers D6-4 Crashing to Gates of Hell
D2-5 Pitfalls of Visionary D6-5 Exercising Authority in Society
D3-1 Effectiveness D8-1 The Bait of Satan
D4-1 Reconciliation - IntroD8-2 Under Cover
D4-2 Origin and DestinyD9-1 Bible Memorization - Part I
D9-2 Bible Memorization - Part II D9-3 Breaking Generational Curses

E1-1 Jesus Our ModelE5-5 The Fivefold Ministry - Part II
E1-2 Jesus Our Inspiration E7-1 What the Bible Say About Children's Ministry
E1-3 Our Response E7-2 The Laws of Hospitality
E1-4 Action E7-3 The Last Days Harvest
E1-5 Our Credibility E7-4 Preaching to Children
E1-6 Our Legality E7-5 Pastor-Driven Youth Ministry
E1-7 Experience E7-6 How to Hold a Child's Attention
E2-1 The Maximum Lifestyle E7-7 How to be an Excellent Storyteller
E2-2 How to Initiate a Lifestyle of Giving E8-1 Using Puppets in Children's Ministry
E2-3 Exchanging Earthly Possessions E8-2 How to be a Problem Solver
E2-4 Living and Giving Beyond the Possible E8-3 Organizing Children's Ministry for Growth
E2-5 Can God God Can! E8-4 How to Get Others to Help You
E5-1 What is a Biblical Elder E9-1 Setting the Vision for Youth Ministry
E5-2 The Function of EldersE9-2 Leading Leaders to Peak Performance
E5-3 Qualifications for Elders E9-3 Effectively Communicating to Young People
E5-4 The Fivefold Ministry - Part I E9-4 Planning an Effective Youth Ministry

F1_1 Conquering the Sin NatureF6_4 Releasing Prophetic Ministry in the Local Church
F2_1 Capturing the Heart of God F6_5 Hearing the Voice of God
F2_2 Cultivating an Excellent Spirit F6_6 Judging Prophetic Words
F3_2 What Makes an Eagle Majestic F6_7 Receiving and Responding to the Prophetic
F4_1 Community in Creation F6_8 Prophetic Gathering in the Local Church
F4_2 God's Intent Through History F6_9 False Revelation
F4_3 The Cross and Community F6_10 Stepping Out
F4_4 Relationships in Community F7_1 Vision and Setting Targets
F5_1 The Need for Dynamic Preaching F7_2 Leading by Example
F5_2 Character and AnointingF7_3 Leadership Principles for Growth
F5_3 Illustrations and Sermon Topics F7_4 A Minister's Marriage
F5_4 Organizing & Writing a Dynamic Sermon F8_1 Hearing God's Voice - Intro
F5_5 Altar Calls and Outlines F8_2 Four Keys to Hearing God
F6_1 Importance and Value of Prophetic Ministry F8_3 Tuning to God's Flow
F6_2 Types of Prophetic Ministry F8_4 Two-way Journaling
F6_3 New Testament Prophets

G01_1 Created in His ImageG03_3 God's Eternal Purpose for Praise & Worship
G01_2 Our Image of the Father G03_4 Expression of Praise & Worship
G01_3 The New Creation Image G03_5 Victory through Praise & Worship
G01_4 Exchanging Our Old Self Image G04_1 Lord, Teach Us to Pray
G01_5 Our Image In Christ G04_2 Essentials of Successful Prayers
G01_6 New Creation Benefits G04_3 Kingdom Advancing Prayers
G02_1 Know Your EnemyG04_4 Prayer, the Voice of Faith
G02_2 Authority on Earth G04_5 Faith-filled Prayers
G02_3 Jesus, Our Example G05_1 God's View of Sickness & Healing
G02_4 Authority Restored to Mankind G05_2 Jesus, Our Healer
G02_5 The Church & Its Enemy G05_3 Jesus, Our Example
G02_6 The Keys to the KingdomG05_4 The Holy Spirit & His Power
G02_7 The Name of Jesus G05_5 The Holy Spirit for All Believers
G02_8 Victorious Spiritual Warfare G05_6 Ministering in Power
G03_1 God's Pattern for Praise & Worship G05_7 Our Part
G03_2 Why,Who,When, Where of Worship G05_8 Practical Help in Ministering

WOW AE Aids Education WOW MS-2 How to be Led & Walk in the Spirit
WOW BM-1 Having the Heart of a Mother WOW MS-3 Knowing Who the Holy Spirit Is
WOW BM-2 Sexual Purity WOW OD-1 The One and the Many
WOW BP Becoming a Pastor's Wife WOW OD-2 The God Who Sees
WOW CW Church-Based Women's Ministry WOW OD-3 Overcoming Disappointment & Depression
WOW DH-1 The Truth and Traditions about Healing WOW OG-1 Grief
WOW DH-2 Keys & Hindrances to Healing WOW OG-2 Restoration
WOW DH-3 The Believer's Authority & the Results of Healing WOW RP-1 Overcoming with God
WOW GB-1 The Miracle in a Daddy's Hug WOW RP-2 Your Thinking Defines You
WOW GB-2 The Miracle of Motherhood WOW VW-1 Dream for Womanhood
WOW GP-1 Covering Your Family WOW VW-2 Shw is Gathering from the Four Corners of the Earth
WOW GP-2 Rising Above Rejection WOW VW-3 Let Kindness Rule
WOW GW-1 God's Design and Plan for Womanhood WW-1 Live Life from a Position of Worship
WOW GW-2 God's Purpose fro WomenWW-2 Making Your Dreams a Reality
WOW LD-1 Difficulties in Leadership WW-3 You Shall Go Out In Joy
WOW LD-2 Keys to Victory WW-4 Extravagant Worshippers
WOW MS-1 Learning the Ways of the Holy Spirit

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